Load testing using glowroot

Hi everyone,
Wanted to reach out the DHIS community and see if anyone has ever used Glowroot for load testing? If yes, can you please point us to the documentation? If not, then is there a tool that works well with DHIS2 for load testing?
Thanks much in advance.

Hi @Anubha_Bawa

Welcome to the DHIS2 Community! :tada:

Please have a look at the documentation:

Additionally, I need to mention that I’m not aware that Glowroot is used for load testing: Features · Glowroot It might help if you specifically say what you are trying to achieve, thanks!


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Hi @Anubha_Bawa and welcome to the community.
i use glowroot, on a daily basis, its very helpful and its security if sufficient, but haven’t see that part of load testing. for load testing i would recommend you use Artillery.io, it worked just fine for dhis2 tests for me.


For the load testing you could also use https://locust.io/

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