Listing all TEIs for an org unit in Android mobile app

Hi all,

I have a MEWR tracker program set up. I’d like to be able to list all tracked entity instances for a particular org unit in the Android app but there seems to be no way to do this. These no problem doing this in an event program. I have to enter something specific to retrieve a TEI and related events.I’d really like to be able to filter by org unit and effectively do a wildcard search but nothing seems to work.

What am I missing?


Hi @swoodworth,

I think this will depend on the global settings set in the Android Settings Web app. The admin can set a maximum limit to how many TEIs will be downloaded from the server by the app. I think if you increase that number you will be able to list all the TEIs but this will probably take a long time to sync if they are a lot and it will solve the issue for you as an admin and will make it slow for all other users.

Please see docs here:

Thanks @Gassim. I am investigating settings right now. I absolutely do not want to download all TEIs. I am now look ing at the Android app settings to see how to filter for all active TEIs for a local org unit for which the logged in user has permissions. In most cases that list would be quite small. I still haven’t figured out why I get a list for single event programs but not for MEWRs. The search continues!

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Hi @swoodworth .

I am not sure I get your question. The App provides filtering (see image below) which will allow you to list only those TEI on the specific OU among other things:

The filtering is applied on the list of TEI already present in the App local database. Therefore you might have to download all the TEI as commented by @Gassim in order to achieve that.

As Android doesn’t support searching for wildcards (for performance issues, I believe, but @nancy, @jose, @marta, @vgarciabnz might correct me) If you really wanted to be able to perform such a task I think what you could do is include a new attribute of OU type that you could populate. Either by hand or via a program rule. This would allow you to perform an online search based on a specific OU as shown below:


Apologies. I perhaps did not make my original question clear. I have a single event program with 20 events. When I select that program all those events are listed by default. I also have a multi event with registration program which obviously is quite a different animal. But naively perhaps I expected to see all TEIs listed in that program. I did look at the Android settings and I get that there are upper limits on how many TEIs are listed. But nothing at all is listed until I enter a valid search term. Let me rephrase my questions: If I selected a particular org unit, can I set up so all active TEIs against that org unit can be downloaded and listed, without having to enter any search terms? I don’t ever expect that number of TEIs to be particularly large.


Ok, @swoodworth . I think I see now what you mean… You have a tracker program and what you want is to have a list of the TEI listed in that program without having to search for anything, correct?

If at the moment you are not seeing anything it can be due to the following things.

  1. That you have not selected that option while setting the program “Display front page list” in the main configuration of the program.
  2. That you have not selected any attribute to be listed in the attributes settings of the program
  3. Or if those are properly set up you either have no TEIs (let’s discard that option as per your message) or that a filtering is being applied as I explained before which I don’t think is the case as you probably have already played with those.

In any case, please note that Android works a bit differently than web and the selection of the OU cannot be done before entering the program. And in case you want to see only the specific ones for a OU you have to apply the filtering as explained in the post before. Note that playing with the Android Settings WebApp (defining the amount of TEIs that you want to download per device / OU) and using the filtering you can probably achieve the listing of all the TEIs for a specific OU if that’s what you are really looking for.



Hi Jaime, that’s exactly it. Your comprehensive responses allow me solve this. Unfortunately I cannot see an option to mark your answer as a solution?