Link org unit to an attribute


We want to link facilitator to a district. We are creating a tracker program and we would like to have facilitators displayed based on the district selected. e.g if the user selects district X, (Joseph Maria, Leo Martin, John Dias, …) must be shown so that the user can select the name.

District Facilitator
X Joseph Maria
Leo Martin
John Dias
Y Phil Vasco
Helena Castro
George Cruz
Z Ramos Macata
Jimmy Marc
Tito Giovanni

We are thinking of creating facilitator as an attribute, having an option set (facilitator) attached to it, but the district is in the org unit, so how can we link them?

Looking for help


Hi @fernandoshake

Are these facilitators also tracked entity instances?

If Facilitator is a TEI attribute, what is the Tracked Entity Instance?

Could you explain the scenario of the tracker program further?


Hi @fernandoshake

There is no direct way to use orgUnit attributes. Therefore I have made optionSet of regions\areas\OUs and list of facilitators. Then I have created optionSetGroups of facilitators for each facility/OU.
Then I created program rules which will select corresponding optionGroupSet with facilitators based on the selected OU or OU groups.

So far this is only the way how to do it.

Good luck!

hi @Gassim,

The tracked entity is a group. the tracker is about girls and boys’ group sessions. The facilitators conducts these sessions.