Link event and tracker program

Hi all,

Is there a way to pull a field (e.g ID,…) from a tracker to an event Program? We register an ID as an attribute in a tracker and we want to show the same ID as a data element in an event to link both programs.

Help is welcome


We have a similar interest, so am perhaps we can find a way for something like this!

I know there are some relationship analytics, but to my understanding there isn’t anything that will accomplish pulling info from a tracker into an event.

@eirikhaugstulen presented at the last conference some really interesting plugin capabilities, and I think this is something that could accomplish what you’re looking for. Probably many factors to discuss however.

I agree with @Matthew_Boddie. This will either work using a plugin or a script that uses the API; however, there isn’t something in the UI or configuration that could do that.