Link entities

Hi all,

Apart from defining a relationship to link two entities, what other configuration is necessary to do in relation to tracked entity attributes between both entities? I will want to register entity A in one program and register all people that with A in another program.


Hi @fernandoshake,
If I understand your question correctly is that you want to create relationship constraints based on TEA? For example, both TEIs need to be ‘person’ in order for a relationship to be created. And you want to make the program constraint optional?

But I didn’t understand the last part of your post

Do you mean automatically? Please explain a bit further and maybe a use case will be even more helpful!


Hi @Gassim,

To put it simply, I want to create two programs: employee and dependant and link them through a relationship. To be able to register, for example, all dependants of employee A, what kind of configuration is necessary when building both programs in terms of **attributes (I want to first view name or ID of employee before registering all their dependants in dependant registration program).

In other words, is defining a relationship enough to link two entities or is it also necessary to configure attributes in the employee program to be visible in the dependant registration program?