Link DHIS user with tracked entity


I want to create a system user (e.g. John) so it can login DHIS2 web application. Then I want to create a tracked entity (Person) and associate it to an specific Program.

Then I would use the Tracker application to register/create an instance of that type (name John Doe, date of birth 01/01/2000, etc…) and start adding information along the different program stages as usual.

I wonder if there’s a way to link that system user (John) to the entity that I register in the tracker so that user can login and read the information that has been collected about him.


Hi @JoseSC ,

If I understand the intention of your question, then no. There is no way to directly link a user and a tracked entity.

In terms of access, a user will always have access to an org unit scope, and all data within that scope. So there is no way to single out a single tracked entity for a single user in terms of access.

Now, if you don’t care about the user accessing all the data in the org unit, then there is no problem. Although there is no “linking” a user and a tracked entity per. se, you can alway use the username, uid, name, etc. as a reference in the tracked entity, make it unique and let the user look up their own information based on that unique identifier.

Finally, if your intention is to store extra information about a specific user in DHIS2, and not to collect data about them in the traditional DHIS2 sense, then you can add some extra details right now (In the user app). If you need more, I would suggest creating a jira ticket with your use-case and requirements.

Hope his clears it up :slight_smile:

I figured it out… Thanks for the reply Stian.

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