Legend set does not consider zero range


Good day.

Please note I have defined a legend set as below to categorise the age groups.

But the <1 range (0 to 0) and Unknown range are not considered at all in pivot tables. When I remove the legend set from the data pan, I can see the records that have 0 and -1 values.

Is my definition wrong? Am I missing something or is this a bug?

Please assist.

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Hi @dhis2-apps,

I am waiting for an answer for my query for about 2 months. Can anyone tell the fix or take this as a bug and fix it?

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@MSP Sorry for the delay.

It looks like your legend is incorrectly defined. Your ranges must overlap. To make a range that includes zero you should have something like
-1 to 1
1 to 9
etc. . . …

DHIS2 would translate that more specifically in terms of absolute values as:
-1 to 0.9999999
1 to 8.9999999

How to make a legend is defined here Home - DHIS2 Documentation

Hope this helps,

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Thank you :pray: very much @Scott for the explanation, help and pointing me to the right document. I will make the changes, check and update.