Legend help for targets

Hi all! I have been moving into using legends more frequently to document progress toward targets and running into some questions. I’d love to hear how people are using legends for non-proportion targets.

  1. Is it possible to apply a legend to certain data elements or indicators in a pivot table and not others? For example, I want to show the raw number of clients served (no legend), and also the proportion served against the target (with a red/yellow/green legend). I assign the legend in the indicator creation screen, but it doesn’t seem to do anything, it doesn’t show up automatically on the pivot table, and when I apply it in the pivot table app, it applies to the whole table.
  2. Have others found that legends applied to program indicators (event and enrollment counts) do not show up for 0? I have legends that I’ve set to go from -1 up to 15, but if no one is enrolled (so should be 0), the pivot table is blank and there’s no color applied, when really it should show as 0 and red.
  3. Our targets change each week, so I have an import file for an aggregate dataset to create denominators for proportion of targets achieved each week. The subsequent week’s targets are based on the previous week’s achievements. Proportions aren’t always the best for our lay cadre to track their own progress, many do better with raw numbers. I’d like to color code the raw numbers. I know I can do this by creating a legend for the numbers themselves, however, I would need a lot of legends that we change each week based on these changing targets. Ideally we could set the legend based on a proportion indicator (# achieved/#weekly target) but apply red/yellow/green to the raw # achieved. I think this is impossible but just wondering if anyone has come up with something creative for a use case like this - numeric individual targets using aggregate data as a denominator, program indicator as a numerator.


Hi all,
Following up on legend questions - have others gotten “by data item” to work when applying legends in pivot tables? I’d like to show multiple indicators or data elements in the same table with DIFFERENT legends assigned, but when I click “by data item” in the pivot table options (which is supposed to do just that, to apply the legend you have assigned in the creation of the data element or indicator), nothing happens. Thanks!

The “by data item” is working now, I hadn’t assigned it properly in the creation of the indicator. That’s a great feature. Still looking for help on #2, that there’s no color if there’s no value, and program indicators appear to have no 0 value (like event count does not produce a 0, it produces no value). I’m wondering if there’s something I could do in the expression to have it evaluate to 0 if there are no events, so that no activity would show up as red in my scorecard. Thanks!