Learning from the DHIS2 GIS Implementers

Dear Community,

Last year, my organization adopted DHIS2 as its primary data and information management system because of its good features. The organization is currently implementing a program which aims at supporting 50,000 households by reducing economic vulnerability and empowering parents to make investments that meet the unique needs of young children and adolescents. We are specifically using the Tracker Capture (DHIS2.26) app to track and monitor the progress of all our beneficiaries enrolled into the program for a period of 3-5 years.

One of the program and donor requirements is to ensure that every enrolled household and services provided to it can be aggregated and plotted on a map. We have now successfully imported all the shape files into the system and can also be able to generate some reports using the GIS app.

Our next step is to collect coordinates for all the enrolled households and have them updated in their enrollment information. Over 90% of our beneficiaries come from remote areas with very limited/no access to the Internet and hence we can not use the feature embedded in DHIS2 to automatically capture their location coordinates.

I am certain that some people here could have already implemented this and i would like to learn from you how you were able to achieve this.

By this i mean the tools/mechanisms used to collect the coordinates and how these were entered into the server.

Thank you and have a blessed weekend.


MIS Manager

Global Communities