Join us online on Wednesday 10 June - Introduction to the App development tools

Join us for a lightly-technical introduction to the tools for DHIS2 application development.

Date: Wednesday 10 June
Time: 14:00 GMT+2, 12:00 UTC, 17:30 Delhi, 15:00 Dar es Salaam

We will introduce the DHIS2 Application Platform, the DHIS2 Design System, the official React UI Component Library, and the new DHIS2 App Hub. We will also cover the roadmap development and adoption of this platform across the DHIS2 ecosystem. Register here!


Thank you everyone for joining the webinar yesterday! You can find a recording here. Once again you can find lots of resources and news about DHIS2 application development on, including our recent release of the DHIS2 UI component library version 5.

If you enjoyed this webinar and would like us to host more developer events, please let us know. We welcome any feedback, questions, or requests you may have!


@Georgi @Kristiyan_Panayotov check it out!