Issues with password reset emails

Hi, we have a problem with the password reset emails (the ones that are sent automatically when a user clicks on “forgot password” from the login page).

Firstly, our users frequently report that they don’t receive them - this seems to be intermittent behaviour, because I do receive them when I test it out.

Secondly, the messages look like the attached screenshot - the header of the email is visible, and we would like to remove it to avoid confusion for our users.

Is there a way to remove this header? Is this a bug that I should report in Jira?

Thanks in advance for your answers!

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Hi @Guerra-Arias_Maria, a quick one - Which DHIS2 Version are you using? Did the users check their spam mailbox for the email notification when trying to reset their password?

Hi James,

We are on 2.30. I can’t speak for everybody, but I know some users who have definitely checked spam and not received the emails.



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Sorry to hear that @Guerra-Arias_Maria. I will follow up on this with our team to see if it is a bug or not. meanwhile, have you reached out to your Admin/ Host to check on the log files and advise which error might be showing from the backend? this could be a good start to try and get a fix for this.