Issues on datasets after creating data elements with Yes only value type and have category combination

I have created a few data elements which have category combination and yes only value type in the existing dataset. However, in the data entry app, the Yes only box is inactive for those who have a data entry user role while in superuser it works. Would you please support me to fix this issue? FYI, I am working on version 2.31.3.



A possibility that a field could be disabled is in any of the following situations

  1. user has no access to category option combo
  2. user has no data entry role or no access to dataset
  3. the field is grayed out as part of data set section configuration

From what you mentioned it seems #2, but also indicated the issue happens only for yes only fields? Can you help us trace the problem by putting a step-by-step actions to reproduce the issue in one of our play servers possible with screenshots?

Thank you,