Issue with tracker - is it a feature or a bug?

Dear All,
I have attached a word document with 3 screen shots done on the Sierra Leone demo system

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Tracker bug or feature.docx (172 KB)


I created a AntTest tracker program with one repeatable program stage and with the events not automatically generated. I called the report date “Date of Event” and the number of days from start = 0

After registering the trackedentity, I “Save and Continue” to create a new even. A screen is popped up showing a due date and my “Date of Event” (which is the report date). I change the “Date of event” to 2015-10-05 and Save. The Event block is created and the date inside the event block shows the date as 2015-10-05. The Date of Event also shows the date as 2015-10-05. After I complete the event registration I click “Back” to go back to the person search screen, select my case again and go into the event screen again. Then the dates are displayed as “2015-10-04” - one day less than the date entered before.

On my version (2.20 - 19949) I still have the Individual Records App, and on there the date displays correctly. I assume that the “Report Date” is stored as the executiondate on programstageinstance and if that is so, then the date in the database is stored correctly.

Anybody experience this before?

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