Issue with setting system setting startModule to specific dashboard


We are planning to set our landing page to a specific dashboard for all our users. We have tested changing the systemSetting/startModule to dhis-web-dashboard/#/{{dashboard_id}}

Doing this seems be working as expected for most users (i.e. at login all users are directed to the specified dashboard). However, for users who have edit access to this dashboard, we are facing an issue when trying to edit the dashboard. If one of these users tries to edit the dashboard they are taken to the following URL endpoint: dhis-web-dashboard/#/{{dashboard_id}}/{{dashboard_id}}/edit, which doesn’t work.

As a workaround, the user has to navigate to another dashboard and back to be able to edit. Or directly modify the URL to remove the extra dashboard UID.

I’m wondering if there is some other system setting that needs to be set for this to work properly or if this is a bug.

We are on :slight_smile:

Thanks in advanced!

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Hi @Kris_Reinhardt

Thank you for posting to the community about this issue, and welcome back here! And really sorry for the late response.

Please change the request body to:

The extra # at the end of the URL allows the navigation to continue without issues. I have tested and it’s working correctly, please post back if it solves the issue.

Additionally, this could either need an update in the docs or it might need a review from the software team so let’s triage this issue. Would you like to create a bug issue in


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Thanks @Gassim ! Your solution worked for us :partying_face:

Yes, I’ve created a JIRA ticket ([DHIS2-14713] - Jira). From my side, the main struggle/issue was that I couldn’t find documentation on the exact syntax needed to do this!

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Hi @Kris_Reinhardt

Thanks for the feedback! Honestly, I had to do some testing to figure it out, so thanks a lot for the jira issue, the software team will have a look. :pray: