Issue with generating weekly/monthly reports from daily numbers


Being somewhat new to DHIS2, I am experiencing trouble when generating reports from the raw daily data.

I have setup all the categories and category options, as well as data elements. I have created a dataset based on these elements and have entered a week’s worth sample of data. Now, whenever I try to generate anything but a daily report, I get nothing.

-I am operating as admin so there are no restrictions on me

-I run them against appropriate OU (the one where I entered the data)

-I have re-run Analytics update.

-I’ve cleaned cache and I have even restarted the test server for a good measure.

For example I’m generating a vaccination report.

One of my data elements is BCG, Type: Aggregate, Datatype: Integer, Aggregate Operator: Sum.

This is my category hierarchy:

-Category Combination: “Above/Under 1 Year”

–Category: “Above/Under 1 Year”

—Category Element: “Above 1 Year”

—Category Element: “Under 1 Year”

Once I enter the data for OU ABC, I get two options:

-BCG Above 1 Year

-BCG Under 1 Year

and that works perfectly.

Then I manually run analytics in order to get aggregate data. I also clear the browser and data cache.

Then I generate a daily report for OU ABC and I am able to see the data that I entered.

At this point if I attempt to generate a weekly report or access a pivot table, I get no data.