Issue with dhis 2 Capture

Dear all,

We try with a local telephony operator to whitelist the address of our dhis 2 server.
The operator has created a dedicated APN for us and we manage to connect to our dhis 2 with the web application via the browser, however it does not work at all with the mobile application.

The connection (login page) seems to work, but the loading of metadata and data does not.

Does the dhis 2 capture application make calls to external links?

How can we see the different requests that are made?


Hi Mamadou, the calls should be to the same domain name (make sure ports for http and https are enabled at the service provider), but if you want to test, you can try set up your laptop as a WiFi hotspot and capture traffic using Wireshark.

To set up your laptop as a temporary router, connect it to the internet and (Windows 10) press the windows key and enter ‘mobile hotspot’. Click the mobile hotspot icon.
From the Mobile hotspot page, select to share your internet connection. Look for the network name and password below on the same page and use those to connect your mobile phone to the internet via your laptop. Once you are connected on the new mobile hotspot, start Wireshark on your laptop and record traffic on the Wireless network card.
Now run Commcare on the phone. Log in and sync with the server then pause the Wireshark capture when you receive an error on the phone.
You will now need to inspect the wireshark log history to see what outgoing http requests originated from the phone and which URLs they were requesting. You can filter only HTTP traffic in Wireshark to make it easier.

Note this is a technical effort and you may need to read a bit or watch a video on using Wireshark.