Issue with /api/analytics/rawData.json Rawdata format Web API is not working in local configuration

While working on the custom connectors provided by DHIS2 for Power BI, we observed that data elements values are not getting captured in Relevant tables via below WEB API which is used by custom connectors.

application URL/api**/analytics/rawData.json**?dimension=dx:pF93sTVoxWO;&dimension=pe:2019;2020&dimension=ou:oHHlhg1pMzN&includeNumDen=false&skipMeta=false&skipData=true&includeMetadataDetails=true

Here the option skipData = True is not allowing the data values to be passed via analytics WEB api.

Also if we remove the parameter and run this API independently, we get below error.

******* relation "analytics" does not exist\n in application DHIS 2.34 configuration

As per the WEB API documentation none of these( &includeNumDen=false&skipMeta=false&skipData=true&includeMetadataDetails=true ) parameters are mandatory in API url, however without these parameters Application web APIs are not working. I checked the same APIs with the Demo database and DHIS2 2.34 URL and it is working fine.

Another option is to update the Power BI Connector with “/api/34/analytics.json” API, but this does not provide the raw data to perform the required analysis in Power BI.

Please assist if this can be fixed by any configuration changes at our DHIS2 configuration end or by creating the required relationship of the raw data access of the analytics table via WEB API.