Issue downloading TEIs onto Android

Some Android Data Capture User are unable to download TEIs that were referred permanently from another Org Unit.
Downloading works for the Admin User, but not for the relevant community service provider

Kindly advise.

Hi @ejkinsey . Could you check the error log on the main screen to see if you get more information?

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[{“creationDate”:“Jul 14, 2021 11:44:01”,“errorCode”:“409”,“errorComponent”:“Server”,“errorDescription”:“API call threw HttpException”,“isSelected”:true},

Hey @ejkinsey . Is there a chance you could share credentials if that is a testing server? I am not sure how to reproduce the issue on my testing environment.

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Hi Jaime,
I am hoping @sele can assist as he is hosting the domain. This is a live production instance, and we continue to experience this issue for the two community service providers to whom we referred TEIs to their org units.

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Ok, let’s wait for @sele . In any case, are you referring the TEI from the web version and then in Android you cannot download? Or are they referrals from another device, sync, and then a third device cannot download them?

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Hi Jaime, Unfortunately, we’ve not yet managed to resolve the issue.
The TEIs were registered by the mobile users (community service providers) on their devices in org units that were shared across multiple users.
We then created new org units and separated the users between them, so as not to have overlapping coverage.
Then we completed the referrals on the web version for the TEIs.
The users are not able to download the TEIs data to their devices.
They are able to register new TEIs and enter data

Hi @ejkinsey , do you have a testing environment where we could reproduce this? Feel free to share those credentials via PM so I can dig further.


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Hey @ejkinsey I wonder if you were able to resolve the issue! I’m sure the community would benefit from your experience and solutions! :pray: Thank you!

@binamour successfully resolved the issue. I will encourage him to respond.


Hi Elliot, how did you solve this? we are experiencing the same issue

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