Issue assigning relationships to a TEI - tracker capture 2.33.4

We have two tracker programs on DHIS 2.33.4 with TEIs in each but for some reason, unless the user has a role assigned with the SYSTEM → All (Full authority), we are unable to assign a TEI-TEI relationship between the two programs. Any existing relationships don’t show up on either end and you can’t select any relationship from the available options. I can literally add everything except All (Full authority) and the relationship will not show. The minute we add All (Full authority) it’s available. Any ideas what’s wrong?

HI @Edward_Robinson

Please check the sharing settings of the relationship type as this also needs to be given metadata, and data access (view and capture) to the user group which has the rights to add new records in the system.

Even if it is set as Public View/Edit, please make sure it has ‘Can View and Capture’ marked against data.

Once it is shared correctly, the end users should be able to add and view relationships.

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Spot on Saurabh, thanks for that, it resolve the issue!