Is there any way to deploy (host) a program to demonstrate /see how it appears on android?

Dear support

I downloaded and installed dhis2 on my PC (localhost). As I want my future program to implement on android therefore I want to see and demonstrate how it looks like (fine tuning). The demo server is there but it takes too much time to sync.
Thanks in advance

May I understand your question a bit more, are you trying to login to the local host using the android capture app?

Please what version of dhis2 are you using? And the version of the app?

Sync will take a long time when the user has so much data to download. For example if I use the app and try to login to any of the instances using Admin / District it will take forever, but if I use android / Android123 it will sync fast, and that is because android / Android123 account doesn’t have so much data to download all at once.

I think you might find DHIS2 configuration for using the Android App useful! (:

Thanks @Gassim .

@drvetmedtariqabbas , as Gassim is saying this depends on the amount being downloaded by the Android. The best way to have a very quick sync is to create a new account (or dupplicate Android) and remove many of the organisation units, programs and datasets assigned. Beaware that datasets are usually public and therefore any user donwloads them.

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