Is it possible you could spin up the "Tracker Configuration - Level 1" demo instance?

I missed the boat a few months back and didn’t manage to get on the Tracker Configuration - Level 1 academy.

Thankfully all the course materials are still available on, except for the demo instance at Not running. Would it be possible to spin this instance up, or is it available somewhere else?

Totally understand if that is not possible, but it would be useful to follow along with the course materials if I can. I probably only need access for a week or two. Let me know, many thanks.

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Hi @HaydnJ,

Sorry you missed it. The recordings are also available in DHIS2 Tracker Configuration Academy level 1 2022 YT playlist. As for the demo instance, would you like to try any of the instances at ( OR

Feel free to post back to the CoP if you have any questions or need some assistance completing course exercises!

Thanks! :+1: