Is it possible to filter aggregate event data based on a data element value

Hi everyone.

I have an event program that records the results of a survey. Various numbers are recorded for each event, such as number of people tested, etc. There are also a number of text fields with option sets, such as the survey type, or the diagnostic test that was used for the survey.

What I wanted to be able to do was filter or pivot the analytics data for these events using those option sets, so that we could easily determine how many people were tested with each diagnostic test or survey type.

I thought option group sets might have held the answer as there is an option to create a data dimension, but I seem to be barking up the wrong tree there.

Is what I am trying to do actually possible?

Many thanks.

Edit: I should add, I am aware you can get a form of this via the Event Reports pivot table, but it is very restrictive on what you can then actually measure once you have defined your filters. Ideally I would want a solution that allows me to query any number of aggregated data elements from the api, but filtered by the value of one of these option sets.

I am aware of a Jira issue from last year relating to option set dimensions [DHIS2-8729] - Jira but there appears to be no movement on that.

Hi @HaydnJ,

Have you thought about using indicators for this? Isn’t this supposed to be possible using indicators? For example, it’s possible to count how many people were tested you might be using V{event_count}. But the expressions and creation of the indicators will depend on the design and configuration of your program.

Hope this is helpful!

Thanks! Please update me if you think Indicators is or isn’t the right approach.

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I’ll take a look at that and experiment.

The event programs themselves are pretty simple, just a rectangular dataset. I was really just hoping you could slice and dice the aggregate results based on those option sets within the event data, in a similar way to other aggregate systems I have used. I know event reports allows this, but from what I can tell you can only measure a single data element this way.

Regardless, I will have a play and update/close this post depending on my findings.

Thanks for the response Gassim, you are my guardian angel on this forum it seems :smiley:

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Hi very proud to help! Other community members and DHIS2 core team experts interfere many times when I’m stuck :sweat_smile: Glad you found my comments helpful! Thanks! (:

I’m pretty sure we can filter the event reports based on the option sets! It’s also possible to use the option sets on indicators. We just finished the Tracker Config academy (taking the exam tomorrow) but here’s a fresh video on creating indicators by @brian. It’s on tracker programs but it works in a similar way for events. :smiley:

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