Is it possible to create custom entry form in section?

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How can I create entry from in section like in image below? Is it possible?


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Please I would like to ask you if you are creating a dataset or a tracker program form? Either way in both cases you can use the ‘custom form’; however, creating ‘custom forms’ will not sync into the Android app and if plain HTML is not used it won’t print as PDF properly.

Here’s the reference to Creating Custom Forms: Custom Forms - Metadata - DHIS2 Documentation

Dear Gassim,
Thank you for reply. I’m creating a dataset, not tracker. I have many tables in this dataset and I would like divide them into sections. But some tables have appereance like in image above. And my question is can I make custom entry data form in section part?

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Yes, that’s possible! Please see the instructions to create custom form in the reference I shared above.

To create a custom form:

  1. Open the Maintenance app and click Data set
  2. In the list, find the data set you want to add a custom form to
  3. Click the options menu and select Design data entry form
  4. In the editing area, create the custom form
  • Double-click on a object in the left-hand list to insert it in the form
  • If you already have the HTML code for your form, click Source and paste the code.
  1. Select a Form display style
  2. Click Save

It’s also possible to color the form cells like in the image you posted, see similar topic post: Color cells

Hi @Kuba,

Were you able to create a custom section form? I also have many tables, parts of which I would like to create as custom section forms, but from the documentation on custom forms as suggested by @Gassim , it seems not possible to achieve this.


Hi @hernandezmachava,

It’s possible to create many tables and separate between them using HTML and CSS in the custom form, is that what you are trying to do?


@hernandezmachava, yes it is possible. In general it will be simple css/html created inside désigner provided. Only the thing what you should do is place your data elements on that forms/tables etc. Moreover you can have a section for the js code.
Only the thing that such custom form cannot be rendered properly on Android.

Regards, Ulanbek