introducing the dhis Q&A community - your help is needed

Hi all,

today we introduce a Q&A site for DHIS 2:

The forum is based on stack exchange, a well-known community site.

Our vision is to create an easily searchable knowledge-base where people can find answers to their questions. We have observed that people ask the same questions over and over on the mailing lists. This happens mainly because the mailing list archive is hard to find and not well indexed by search engines.

Currently our community on stack exchange is in a staging area. To get approved we need your help! So please:

  • Go to our stack exchange site.

  • Create an account.

  • Follow the site (click “follow” in the top right corner).

  • Vote for existing questions (up to 5).

  • Ask your DHIS 2-related questions here (up to 5).

Your help for getting the DHIS 2 Q&A knowledge base up and running is much appreciated. We believe it will benefit you all as information will be more readily available. In essence we hope people can find information through search engines without asking on the mailing list. The mailing list will of course continue to operate, and continue to be a great place for longer discussions.

best regards,