Introducing our new Community of Practice Coordinator!

HISP UiO is pleased to introduce our new DHIS2 Community of Practice Coordinator, Al-Gassim Sharaf Addin.

Al-Gassim joins us from Yemen, where he also works as the coordinator for Yemen’s DHIS2 Core Team assisting UNICEF and the Ministry of Health and Public Population (you can read his “introduce yourself” post to learn more).

Al-Gassim has already been a very active contributor on the CoP, and we’re happy to have his help in supporting and engaging with the global DHIS2 online community.

Please join us in welcoming @Gassim to this new role!


welcome @Gassim I wish you success in the new role!


Thank you Mr. Max Krafft for your introduction. It’s a great honour to be working with HISP UiO as the DHIS2 Community of Practice coordinator. The DHIS2 global good project has been remarkably successful in helping nations around the world.

Thanks to the DHIS2 Core Team and all the people in the global DHIS2 community. I’ll be here for the community to help and support your experience in making the most out of the CoP.

Please feel free to share with me your thoughts and anything you need assistance in. Thank you!


Thank you! :blush:

Hey! :smiley:

Welcome @Gassim
Wish you the best :clap:t5: :clap:t5: :clap:t5: :clap:t5: :clap:t5:

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Fantastic news - welcome @Gassim!

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We hoping to know more

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Alright. Thanks guy, hope to know more about you guys


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Welcome @Gassim to your new role.

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Congratulations and welcome to your new role @Gassim! :clap:t6::clap:t6:

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Thank you all so much. I’m looking forward to it!

Hey @jomutsani, how have you been?

Welcome @Gassim to your new role. You are much needed here.
I wish you all the best as you take this on.

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Congratulations @Gassim !

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Congrats dear @AL-Gassim. All the best on your new role.


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Welcom Gassim , it’s we are pleased

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Thank you all so much! I’m looking forward to assisting you in the CoP as well as hearing your stories, experiences, lessons learned, and anything that will be helpful for others. :innocent::pray:

Welcome @Gassim and congratulations!

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Thank you @WaluQ ! (:

Interesting, I have loved your brief swift support on the challenge I had on google earth engine. This promises a fruitful and very proactive community, congratulations, Addin.
I have had this news with joy.

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