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I’m always proud to be part of a community of change makers supporting millions of people with their work. :pray: Your participation in this global online community is one of the great opportunities to share this success. :bouquet:

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Welcome to all new members! We are so happy you are here and looking forward to getting to know you! :slight_smile:


Hello to all!

My name is Reiko Hayashi, based in Tokyo, Japan. I do research on population health. I joined this community so that I will get to know the DHIS2. I am not engaged in a particular project for data building, but I would like to know if it is possible to browse the country data and visualize it.

Thank you for your feedback.


Welcome to the community @reiko! :pray::blossom: And thank you for the introduction! (:

Always feel free to post back to the community with your experiences and questions please.

As the DHIS2 software continues to be used in “[more] than 73 countries worldwide use DHIS2 for collecting and analyzing health data” this feature continues to improve, so yes, it’s possible! You’re in the right place :smiley: Have you checked out And if you want more open instances try

Thank you! :+1:


OH! thank you @Gassim, I will try to check them up!


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Hi community, I’m Laston Madumira MnE assistant under READY, been using DHIS2 for 2+ years now, workg with adolescents and young people living with HIV, we use DHIS2 to capture the data and services linkages.
Hobbies, I am so much in love with travelling, and music of course, I’m glad to be part of the community, looking forward to learning and sharing more


Hello everyone,

I’m Jyri Soppela from the software consulting company Fjelltopp Ltd. During the past couple of years we’ve worked with the DHIS2 API in data integration projects as well as performed some hosting and configuration tasks for existing DHIS2 implementations.

We’re now looking into getting more familiar with DHIS2, e.g. to use Tracker to support contact tracing processes.

Happy to be here!


I’m Abiyot Getachew, MEAL Officer at IMC Ethiopia. I have been working on Dhis and related works according to the job description and I’m so excited to use Dhis and interested to know the app. Appreciate the dhis community to know each other and knowledge transfer.


Welcome @lmadumira @jyri and @Asfaw_Abiyot !!! We’re glad that our family is growing :slight_smile: :smiley:


My name is Chinedu Okoye, I am the Country Monitoring and Evaluation Officer of Helen Keller International in Nigeria. I’m delighted to be part of this community.


Welcome to the community @Cardinal from Nigeria. :tada:

Hi everyone is good to be here.

My name is victor ogbole

I base in Abuja Nigeria
I started using DHIS2 in early 2013,
I started from a beginner’s level basically the front end to the advanced level


Welcome to the community @vogbole! :tada:

Hello everyone in the community!
I am Mediatrice TUYISHIMIRE from Rwanda, a master student in Health Informatics. I got DHIS2 during my internship , I learnt foundation of DHIS2 and it was very interesting that is why I am motivated to learn more about DHIS2 in order to develop my knowledge and skills.
Thank you !


My name is Cleophus Mugenyi from Uganda. I work as Commissioner of Basic Education. I have been working with DHIS2 since 2019 with HISP Uganda in selected local governments. I’m happy to be part of this group to learn and share experiences.


je suis NAPON Abdoulaye, je suis MEL Officer à pathfinder burkina, suis heureux de rejoindre enfin la CoP DHIS2; je travaille avec cette plateforme depuis 2015


Hi DHIS2 community, I’m Chilungamo from Blantyre, Malawi. Currently working as Facility based data officer at World education initiative/Bantwana Inc. I use dhis2 to enter and analyze HIV data, I have also worked with DHIS2 at PSI Malawi on sexual reproductive health project. I’m interested to learn more and become DHIS2 expert


I’m based in Nigeria.
Unfortunately, I’m yet to have a real-life problem to solve with DHIS2. learned how to use to be job-ready.

kindly connect with me on Linkedin @

I’m a certified data analyst and scientist. I use R, Microsoft Excel, SQL, Power BI, and Python conveniently. I’m ready for remote work and internships


Hello DHIS2 Community. My name is Baaitse Seethu, a BSc in Health Information Management Systems Graduate who is based in Botswana and I work as a Monitoring and Evaluation Assistant at African Comprehensive HIV/ AIDS Partnerships.

I got involved with DHIS2 during my work and I am currently assisting in development of DHIS2 database for Global Fund Programs as well as loading data into DHIS2.

Otherwise you can follow me on LinkedIn:
Facebook: Baaitse Amogelang Seethu