To whom it may concern,

We have setup DHIS2 on our server v2.28. In line with the same, we would like to collect the below metrics which at the moment, we are unable to collect:

Number of active users for a given period of time (a week, a month)

How do we capture active users in DHIS2 as it is always showing 0 at the moment for us?

How many times each user logs into the system?

How do we capture user logins and frequency as we are only able to capture the last user login which is then overridden by the next login of that user?

Top event views (charts, pivots, dashboards)

How do we generate charts, pivots per district and not an aggregate view as it shows at the moment.

Can users be disaggregated by district?

Type of login into DHIS2

How to determine what type of login (mobile/desktop browser) one uses to get access to DHIS2?

Load time for the DHIS2 page

How long it would take for a DHIS2 page to load to a user?

We would like some assistance on the above metrics if possible.

Your assistance in this regard will be highly appreciated.

Yours faithfully,


Kondwani Kuthyola

Senior Product Owner
Baobab Health Trust,
P.O. Box 31797,
Lilongwe 3,

Cell: +265993741034