Inherited Attribute Fields Are not Automatically Updated

Dear Team,

We recently updated values of the attribute Phone number by adding the international code 256. These updates were done on the parent program (Maternal Program) however the changes were not effected to the child program (Infant Program). In this use case phone number is an inherited field, therefore we do not have a phone number field for the infant program.

Could this be a bug?

If not, is there a way we can update the phone number in infant program.

The reason for changing to an international code is because the SMS aggregate provider does not interpret any phone numbers without international codes. This means that for the infant program, although messages are successfully sent by DHIS2 they are not received by clients.

DHIS2 Version 2.16 build 16585.

I will appreciate a quick response.


Thank you and Kind Regards
*Immarcqulate. A (Emma Kassy) *

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