Inherit checkbox

Hi all,

What ticking the inherit checkbox really means practically when configuring tracked entity attributes in a relationship (employee – dependant)? Will the inherited attributes be the ones that I have to click when I want to register all the dependants of an employee?


Hi @dmbantu,

The attributes that you select as inheritable are the attributes that are shared between two entities in a relationship. For example, assuming that an instructor and a student are in the same institute so if you selected ‘institute name/address’ as inheritable, when you create a relationship between instructor and student and then then register the student the student will inherit the same ‘institute name/address’ as their instructor i.e. “all inherit entity attribute values of the entity [instructor] will be pre-filled in the [student’s] registration form.”

This is briefly explain in the docs in (Add a relationship to a TEI.)

Hope this helps, thanks!