Indicator that counts the number of orgunits within a group by region.

We have a problem an indicator that counts the number of orgunits within a group, the analytics api return a error 500.

I’ve setup a similar indicator “oug chc” on play that just count the number of orgunits within a group

“numerator”: “OUG{CXw2yu5fodb}”,“denominator”: “1”,


When trying to get the pivot table returning the values by district of chiefdom


  • the pivot continue saying “loading” and never complete :

it would be really great if the pivot table could at least says something went wrong.

  • looking at the network requests in the browser the analytics call fails with the message :

{“httpStatus”:“Internal Server Error”,“httpStatusCode”:500,“status”:“ERROR”}

the failing analytics query is the following;LEVEL-2&dimension=pe:LAST_YEAR&displayProperty=NAME&skipMeta=true&includeNumDen=true

strangely when asking at the level of the country (without the orgunits as row dimenstions), it gives correct numbers


thanks already for your help



Stéphan Mestach


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