Inconsistent Display of Application Title and Appearance Style

I observed in our system that the application title and appearance style are not displayed consistently across the apps in DHIS2. We are using version 2.30. Regardless of which appearance style one chooses, it maintains light blue all through except for the clean browser cache app.
This behaviour is also reproducible on the demo site.
We have multiple instances in our Program and the colors would help denote which instance one is working on.
Please can this be fixed or is there something we have not set yet?

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Please report it as a JIRA issue -> improvement.

There are a number of inconsistencies in fonts, colours, designs etc across DHIS2, both resulting from DHIS2 being a long-term development effort and from the fact that apps are designed by many different developers.

While JIRA issues addressing such inconsistencies tend to be regarded as lower priority, they do get attention - so the only way to kick off a correction process is to log the specifics as JIRA issues.

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Thanks @Calle_Hedberg

Will do so

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