Include only completed events in pivot table

Hi @Markus trying to use this feature in 2.30 for program indicators in pivot table. Just wondering when applied in pivot table for above context, it outputs enrolments that are complete or whether it calculates for all events that are completed within an enrolment irrespective of status of enrolment?

Thank you.


Hi @Pamod,
Which aggreagation type, expression and filter are you using in the indicator?



Hi @Markus,

Aggregate type: count, Analytics type: enrollment, expression: TEI count, using a filter which has data elements from 4 stages


Hi @Markus and @Pamod,
I have a similar question in 2.31. I have a tracker program where the first stage auto-generates after enrollment. I made a program indicator that counts ALL enrollments (it’s simply count, enrollment, and the expression is V{enrollment count} with a blank filter) which is producing about 2100 enrollments for the reporting period. But in event reports, I am seeing only 1300 clients for the same reporting period, even if I add up the total for all stages (with no data elements selected, and there would definitely be some overlap in stages).

This suggests to me that 1) there are clients enrolled with NO stages (but I thought this would be impossible, since the first stage auto generates and has compulsory data elements), or 2) there are clients who were enrolled with a first stage that not complete, and incomplete stages are not being included in the indicator count.

Any insights? Without the line list feature (can’t wait to be ready to upgrade to 2.33!) it’s hard to figure out what’s going on, why there are so many enrollments but so few with at least one program stage based on event reports. let me know if it sounds like I’m doing something wrong, thanks!!

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