Important notice for Android Event Capture and Tracker Capture users

Dear all,

I just want to inform you on an issue regarding using the apps directly from Google Play. The apps in question are Event Capture and Tracker Capture for Android.

Breaking changes in automatic update to 2.21 compatible apps

During the development efforts between 2.20 and 2.21 there were changes made that we had to implement in the Android apps that made them incompatible with 2.20. If you have been using the apps downloaded from Google Play then you will probably have automatically updated the app(s) and as a result ended up with an incompatible version. For the time being we cannot say for sure whether or not this will be the case for future releases of DHIS 2, but we will try for the future to keep compatibility so that breaks like this won’t happen.

Using APK files for 2.20

We have made separate installation files for 2.20 and 2.21 that can be downloaded and installed directly on our GitHub page (see links below). We will keep the newest version of the apps on Google Play at all times, so if you want to control your updates yourself it is a better solution to use the .APK files directly, and distribute them independently of Google Play.


Tracker Capture 2.20 APK

Tracker Capture 2.21 APK

Event Capture 2.20 APK

Event Capture 2.21 APK

Best regards,

Simen S. Russnes