Import/Export Logging

Hello DHIS2 Devs,

I’ve started using the import/export bits of 2.23, and I’ve noticed that the logs are a lot less verbose than they used to be in previous versions. One example:

  • INFO 2016-08-17 17:19:10,185 [Level: INFO, category: METADATA_IMPORT, time: Wed Aug 17 17:19:10 UTC 2016, message: Importing 41 DataElements] ( [taskScheduler-2])

  • INFO 2016-08-17 17:20:22,211 [Level: INFO, category: METADATA_IMPORT, time: Wed Aug 17 17:20:22 UTC 2016, message: Import done. Completed in 75.92 seconds.] ( [taskScheduler-2])

Before, each imported object would get 1-2 lines here in the log explaining how it went. Have these logs moved to a different file maybe and I’m just not aware yet? The issue I have is that if there are no conflicts there is really no way to tell what was created and what was updated (or will be created/updated with a dry run):



Is there an easy way to get back at the logs that report each imported/updated object so I can suss out which of these 4 were “updated” (I’ve got what looks to be 4 duplicate codes that I am trying to track down out of many), I’m writing SQL now to help with this, but it wouldn’t be needed with a more verbose output from the import/export app. Thanks!



Timothy Harding
Sr. Systems Analyst, BAO Systems

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