Import Errors during metadata import in version 2.35

Hey could I get assistance on the above?

Process failed: org.hibernate.exception.ConstraintViolationException: could not execute statement

When doing a dry run it completes without an error… And creates the desired metadata objects (categories, data elements, data sets, option sets and etc)… (I’m importing what I did from a test setup to a production environment)

But I haven’t figured out what this error could be… any help?


Is the test setup and the production environment the same version? How about trying to do the same thing in does it work or does it produce the same error?

The production server is running 2.35.2 while my test environment is running 2.35.3

Is that what is causing the issue?

Running it on the 2.35 on play, the upload has worked…

I don’t know if it’s causing the issue. I’d also try to export from the production server to the test server and see if it works or generates the same error. It could be either because of a bug in 2.35.2 and in that case you could post it to, or an issue in the production server’s configuration.

I am experiencing the same problem, why is so cumbersome to restore data?

Hey @Kandeta and @lillian1n2,

Could you please share the server logs from when the error occurs? As @Gassim said, it would be good if you could create a jira issue with all the relevant information, including the server logs.


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Any help regarding this issue ??

@Gassim i am facing same issue, i have successfully imported other Datasets but only 1 dataset is causing this issue…

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@lillian1n2 how did you end up resolving this error?

Hey @Clara , @sybghat,

Would you be able to provide the server logs from when the issue occurred? This is very important as the error you are seeing is generic, and could be caused by different issues.


@Gintare I don’t have access to the server so I can’t get the logs. Is there another way to diagnose this without server logs?

If you’re able to reproduce this issue on any of the instances then it’s probable yes otherwise sometimes the only way to find out the cause behind an issue is getting back to the logs. Thanks!

However, I took a guess that your other post could be similar to an issue another community member faced so I posted it there. Good luck!

I always have this issue as well when importing data. I end up importing it in bits. It’s a cumbersome task.

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Thanks for sharing!

Maybe @Clara this is a workaround that you’d like to consider, does it work when you download in smaller bits?

Either way, if you’d like to share steps to reproduce to investigate this further, thanks!

@ckambobe That’s true… I get this error predominantly when importing A LOT of data like when doing metadata export and selecting all.

it’s difficult to identify the error with that and at that particular point I didn’t go through the error logs to see what could be the issue from the backend.

Yes, when breaking the data down into bits, I rarely run into the error.