Implementation of multi choice questions and analyzes

Task: There are a Survey which has Questions with multiple select answers/options. So, the task is to create an Event Program and later do analysis of the questions asked.

WhatWeDid: Currently the solution for multi select questions is to create DE for each answer with Yes/No option. For analytics part is to create Program Indicator for each DE with Yes/No and then create Pivot Table in Data Visualizaiton App using those Program Indicators.

This works but there one side effect. It is not possible (or I couldn’t find it) to share/filter the amount of events based on orgUnits. So, say there are orgUnit A with one Event and there are orgUnit B with 0 event. When there are a Program Indicator it takes in to account overall Events that happened within the Program but not filters it down to specific orgunit.

To sum up, in short, I want to know how do others in community implement multi-select questions and how do you do analyzes of such questions?

P.S. @dhis2-analytics looking for your expertise and community for this matter.

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There’s quite a bit to unpack here, I think. Here’s what I’m seeing are the questions:

  1. How do deal with multiple select answers
  2. How to split data by individual Organisation Units vs. aggregating the responses up

For 1) we commonly use optionSets. So we’ll create options that rest in an Option Set, and then assign that Option Set to the DE. It will act more or less the same way that your Yes/No works, but then in event reports you can easily split data by something like this:
Species Tested are the Options within an Option Set

To split this by org unit you just need to make clear which OrganisationUnit you are selecting and if you want to aggregate it or not. So for us the default will aggregate it up, but if I select the lowest level OUs where these are found, then:

Obviously you can change the dimensions quite a bit here to change how this will look.

Is this a good starting point of a conversation? Apologies if I’ve missed the mark on what you’re trying to gain.

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@Matthew_Boddie ,

Thank you for your reply. We do use what you suggested but this is for single select questions and actually we want to have something like this for multi select questions too.

What do I mean by multi select questions? Let’s imagine the following example of the question in the survey:
Q: What do you eat daily ?
A1: Eggs
A2: Bread
A3: Coffee
A4: Tea
A:5 Soup

The respondent can pick up few answers within one response. How would you create this type of questions and do analyzes ?

The way we came out is to create different DE for each answer with Yes/No, so the respondent can choose Yes to multiple answers. But there are a problem with disaggregating it by orgUnits.

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Apologies @Daler makes sense, I misinterpreted what I realize now should have been clear from the onset based on your description.

In this way we also use individual DEs, (usually yes-only, but in essence the same idea as you have described). I’m still not sure I understand why you can’t use those DEs/PIs to dissagregate by OU, so long as you selected the OUs/Levels by which you want them to appear?

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