Impact story: Building an Innovative Epidemiological Platform in Chile with Local Expertise and Community Support

We’re happy to share a new DHIS2 Impact Story about the Ministry of Health implementation of DHIS2 in Chile, available in both Spanish and English!

This story explains how the MoH Chile team used publicly available DHIS2 resources (including documentation, the Online Academy, our YouTube channel, GitHub repos, etc.) plus support from community members on the CoP, to design and deploy a cloud-based DHIS2 system at national scale with minimal external support.

The Ministry has already scaled DHIS2 to include several health programs, and report that DHIS2 has is helping both lower their operating costs and manage their programs more effectively. They have also offered to share the details of their DHIS2 architecture so that others can build on their innovative approach.

We hope you enjoy the story, and we would also like to thank all community members who supported the Chile MoH team or who have contributed open resources, guidance, and tools that help make it possible for countries like Chile to adopt and adapt DHIS2 to meet their needs.

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