Ideas for a needed backend process

Hi devs,

We are trying to synchronize the data between Tracker Capture and Event capture apps. We know that this might not be the expected use of these apps, but for our requirements (visiblity, privacity, modularity of the system) we are seriously considering having a process that extracts the data from the Tracker side and post it as events. Then the tracker app will be used for example by the end users, tracking their patients, scheduling stages etc. But the data at event will be open to external but linked users to see and analyse it.

We’ve been thinking in several ways of implementing it and before anything we wonder if there’s any work already been done in a similar topic.

  • One of our first options was to user program indicators in the tracker capture. But then we loose the patient level granularity and it means that we will need to types of PI (one for event programs and one for tracker programs) and then use both in order to analyze the individual data.

  • The technical option is to create a sql script able to transfer the data from tracker to event accessing directly to the database. In this case, it’s difficult to identify which tracker data is already transferred and which not and surely we will encounter some other problems to create events directly in the database. This script can be configured to be executed daily in the server.

  • Another option (preferable?) is to create an app (normal app or dashboard app) with a little bit of information (Number of events, number of tracker entities) and a simple button to start the transfer of the tracker data already not been transferred to event and the update of the event not up to date.

We don’t know if there are some less complex approaches to do this. Thank you very much for the help!