I tried to connect DHIS2 with Power BI but it only displays data elements value

Hello Everyone, I was wondering if there is anyone who can guide me to connect DHIS2 with power BI to import and analyze tracker and event data. I connect it already with the connector but when I try to import it it displays the below image only. Need help.

what is the version of Dhis2 Connector app are you using and also what is the version of your DHIS2 instance

Thank you for reaching out. The connector says its stable release version 1.0 and my dhis version is 2.37.
The connector is downloaded from DHIS2 App Hub

@tsegshsmart So, the connector says it is compatible with DHIS2 versions 2.29 to 2.32. It seems it no longer supports versions from 2.33 and above.


So, is there anyway I can connect my DHIS2 with power BI in easy way?

Hi @tsegshsmart
The connector only works for Aggregate data. So for you to be able to use it with tracker data, you must use the get data menu in powerBI and select web, then put the API from which you want to fetch data from.

For example if you want to get all enrollments : https://play.im.dhis2.org/api/enrollments.json?ou=orgUnitid&ouMode=DESCENDANTS&program=programid&fields=:all&paging=false

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Thanks a lot @arnold