How to use custom attribute in analytics tools

Hi community,

I have added a custom attribute in orgunit that contains the population in the geographic area. Then I have data element that contains the number of people who have a certain health condition. I want to get the proportion of these people on the total of the population.
I dont see how to use the custom attribute in the pivot table.
Could someone have an idea on how to proceed.

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Hi @Gerald_Thomas

Custom Attributes are normally used to store more information or description about meta data objects hence unable to show up in Pivot tables.
May I suggest you store this population data for each orgunit as a data element with period type as annual hence you are able to apply it when defining indicators.

Let us know, if this was helpful.

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Hi @Emma_Kassy,

Thanks for your suggestion, I have done what you said previously and since every health zone has information on the population Iwas wondering if it is a good approach to create new data elements for that. In this case I will continue in that path.


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