How to track users activity in Dhis2

Thanks Jason,
I created this JIRA issue to solve problems exactly like this one. Hope it will be resolved into the next release as declared. It will be very useful.

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Eng. Antonia Bezenchek

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2018-02-06 12:00 GMT+01:00 Jason Pickering

Hi Jean,

2018-02-06 12:00 GMT+01:00 Jason Pickering

Hi Jean,

If you have the possibility, using Google Analytics is an option. There are some security considerations you may need to take into account however.

At the moment however, this approach is a bit limited, as many apps do not use Google Analytics due to this limitation

If you are able to create an SQL view through the data administration app, you should be able to get some CSV data back which you could work up in Excel.

Here is a simple SQL snippet which might help you get started.

SELECT username,eventtype,extract(month from timestamp) as month,count(*)

from datastatisticsevent where age(now(),timestamp) < ‘6 months’::interval

GROUP BY username,eventtype,extract(month from timestamp)

Note, that usernames can be exposed here, so you should be careful who has access to this view.

The easiest way is to just use the “Usage analytics app” which will provide you basically the same data, but not per user.

Hope this helps.

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On Tue, Feb 6, 2018 at 11:35 AM, Antonia - Pro wrote:

You can get a file (xml or json - then convert in Excel if you want) with the user’s metadata using the export - there are also the last login time of all users, if this is what you want.



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Jason P. Pickering

2018-02-06 11:09 GMT+01:00 Jean de Dieu Anoubissi

Hi Bernard
I cannot use sql query in our instance because I don’t have access to the server. And SQL View is too limited.


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2018-02-06 10:54 GMT+01:00 Bernard Sadaka (IM Advisor)

Hello Jean,

I am pretty sure you can run a query in the DB to do so, not sure the graphical interface has this (other than the SQL view to run the queries)

@Others, please correct me if I am mistaken.

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From: Dhis2-users [] On Behalf Of Jean de Dieu Anoubissi
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Subject: [Dhis2-users] How to track users activity in Dhis2

Hello all,

Is it possible to know what users are doing in the system.?

If yes what is the procedure

Thank you