How to setting the response format when querying tracker entity or events?

when I query the tracker object ,I want to set the response form to xml/json/csv, but now I found all it’s json.
as before, I can change the return format by change the suffix to one of xml/json/pdf

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Hi @linxd

What version of dhis2 are you using? You are right there has been many changes to the API recently; however, you can check the documentation to see what you can download as CSV or see all the parameters in relevant for your data.

Simple go to (DHIS2 API - user | DHIS2) and then search for the file type and the metadata you are looking for.


I just want get the result like :slight_smile:
…/api/events.json?.. to get json response .
…/api/events.xml?.. to get xml response.