How to report bugs etc for "add-on" Apps on JIRA

(Calle Hedberg) #1


I’ve been going through various (presumably) non-standard apps on the SL demo for 2.29, and finding numerous problems/bugs. Where are such issues reported on JIRA - under “Partner apps” or under “DHIS2 App store”?

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(Olav Poppe) #2

Hi, I only have a partial answer. The JIRA Partner apps project is used for a few (WHO DQ app, Immunisation analysis app for now). Apart from that it depends on the developer how and where they manage issues - though many apps on the SL demo are not actually from the app store, so it is not even clear who the developer is.

Perhaps there should be a link for each app in the app store to whatever resource is used for reporting issues for that app?

(Calle Hedberg) #3


Thanks, and it does look like the majority of apps in there might be either outdated (i.e. not supported under 2.29) or somehow heavily customised / not robust. Most of those I tried out failed, and some that seemingly worked were not easy to understand.

So similar to any app in Google Store or Apple Store, I agree with your proposal to ensure that the creators are known + a link or links for getting support and/or reporting bugs etc.

I will post a list of all apps on a google doc for people to fill in such details


(Philip Larsen Donnelly) #4

The App Store is going to play an increasingly important role in future releases as we decouple the app and core release cycles. We therefore plan to enhance the App Store to support the new ecosystem (and hopefully encourage greater sharing of third-party apps).