how to mvn the local/in ?


I got :

[ERROR] Non-resolvable parent POM: Could not transfer artifact org.hisp.dhis

:dhis-web:pom:2.18-SNAPSHOT from/to fdvsolution.public (

ar/repository/public1/): Failed to transfer file:


Return code is: 500 , ReasonPhrase:Could not create working directory for this

request. and ‘parent.relativePath’ points at wrong local POM @ line 6, column 10

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how can I do?


and history said:

When DHIS2 was introduced in 2006, the HISP India team had already several years of experience with the DHIS version 1, and mastering the totally different and unknown technologies used in version 2 represented a huge challenge. As the DHIS2 at that time still did not have reporting and graphing tools, the India HISP team needed to develop such reports, but they had the problem of ‘finding’ their data. The database model in version 2 was quite similar to version 1, but the technology differed; version 2 included a database abstraction layer, inscribing the use of a Java Application Programming Interface (API) instead of directly accessing the database. As the Indian developers were unfamiliar with this technology, they bypassed the API and worked directly against the database in developing a range of ‘hard coded’ reports. An additional problem at that time was that DHIS2 had poor capacity to process the large amounts of data being managed in India, and the API was also here seen as a hindrance in providing yet another incentive for working directly on the database; why bother with a slow aggregation of a data mart for general use when you could make specific hard coded reports that were generated much quicker?

The dashboard module developed by the India team illustrates the problem facing the open source sharing philosophy. This module was developed in close collaboration with health managers and enabled ‘on-the-spot’ analysis and presentation of indicators, and became very popular among users. However, as it was a hard-coded workaround, it could not become part of the global repository and toolbox. To solve this problem, the Norwegian and Indian developers spent a considerable amount of time together in reprogramming the module, but also in developing a shared understanding of the DHIS2 architecture and to develop concrete procedures for how to manage development and decision-making in the core cross-country development team. Today the country teams are working more closely together on releases and the merging of code bases.

what’s mean? the local/in 'dashboard more suitable for me to do on-the-spot display data?