How to migrate existing data (excel data) to DHIS2

Dear Sir/Madame,

I am pleased to request supporting from DHIS2 team. My challenge is existing data migration from excel file to DHIS2

The original file is FAMd-sample data.xlsx (131.2 KB)

The hierarchies of organization is 1. tblRegion (level1); 2. tblMarket (level2); 3. tblCommodity (level3) and 4. data which was entered at level3.

Therefore, please help to provide work flow to get this data on DHIS2.

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Hi @LCaynar,

Please Check out the instructions in DHIS2 Users 30.2 Data Import and Check out some more information from: Data import using CSV into DHIS 2.

Let me know if this helps.


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Dear @jomutsani,

Thanks I will look through to the link which was recommended by you.

In addition, If I urgent need to study the DHIS2 level2 (Developer) through online as content attachment. How can I get this course.

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