How to make events not to save if not marked as complete

Hi all,

Please is there a way to make an event program not to save or be submitted if not marked as complete? I noticed that it has to be marked as completed for the validations to run, and I need to ensure that the forms are not submitted until validation is passed or until it’s marked as completed.

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@Rae I would also like some more flexibility in the marking as complete. [DHIS2-17661] - Jira is a (very quick) feature request of trying to get program rule actions to the status of the event. Welcome additions! I’m guessing you’re more focused on making the status “mandatory,” but it feels generally related.


Please check ideas, @Matthew_Boddie ! It would be great if you could add that feature into the new tool that’s been linked to the software development workflow.

@Rae , you are right, I don’t think that there’s currently a way to enforce “complete” when editing a program stage…

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