How to make events already created in the Tracker Capture of DHIS2 since 2021 comply with the rules and conditions established in 2024?

I have events already created in the DHIS2 tracker capture since 2021, and I created a rule now in 2024 with several conditions. How can I make the previous events comply with the current rules?


Can you explain what kind of changes the rules make?


I have a field in DHIS2 that, according to the date the event is being recorded, shows which quarter the event falls into. For example:

  • January 1 to March 30 was considered the first quarter.
  • April 1 to July 30 was considered the second quarter, and so on.

However, there was a recent need to create program rules to consider the statistical calendar, where:

  • September 21 to December 20 is considered the first quarter.
  • December 21 to March 20 is considered the second quarter, and so on.


How can I make this new rule apply to events from previous years?

Hi @mdengojr

Personally, I don’t think there’s a direct way to resolve this because for the previous years the new program rule needs to be triggered for it to make the changes.

However, there might be a way to use the API or Query but both require scripting and more technical skills.

Another option would be to export this data and update it then reimport it.