How to make a field readonly?

Hi all,

I am wondering how to make a field readonly. I am looking for a rule for this purpose but I don’t see it. As you see in the image below we have the option to “Make field mandatory”.


Like this, how can I make a field readonly so the user cannot edit it?

Kindly assist.

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Hi @MSP,
From my understanding, I think Read Only would imply that the field should not be editable by the user because, let’s say it’s a pre-populated field; whereas Mandatory would mean that the user MUST enter data into the field or rather it is a required field not to be skipped;

From the User Manual;

If you want it to be mandatory to fill all values for a data element in data entry if one or more values have been filled, select All fields for data elements required .

This means that if you enter one data value for a data element in an entry field (that is for a category option combination), then you must enter data for all fields belonging to that data element (that is all category option combinations).

Let me know if this helps.


Hi @jomutsani,

Thanks for your reply and yes, your understanding is correct. But my requirement is to set a field as Readonly.

The data for this field will be populated through a db script and not using a program rule. So once populated, I want the user to view only, not allowing him to make any changes. Any idea how can I achieve this?

Please note, I am using Tracker.

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Hi @MSP,
I do work with web api. I was searching with same issue you faced but found no answer.
I have solved the issue by creating a Program Rule with action ‘Assign value’.

Just create a Program rule variable with the data element you need to make readonly.
Create Program rule and provide rule expression something always true (I have given 1 == 1).
Choose Program rule action as ‘Assign value’.
Set ‘Data element to assign to’ with your same data element.
Set ‘Expression to evaluate and assign’ with your created program rule variable.

I have tested it in 2.29 version in Event program. It also do the same in Tracker.


Thank you @nabiullah for taking time to research and provide a solution/workaround.

I will test and update here.

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