How to Introduce data?

Hi DHIS team!! I intend to show the outbreaks of a known disease occured in my country, and for that I will do a simulation of a number of cases detected for different regions of the region. For this, I created, the various “organizations”, in which I named the different parts of the regions and corresponding hospitals,clinics and health centers in which the cases were detected. Actually I just want to put random numbers/data for each hospital and see that result later on a map through the GIS.( basically i wanna create a simulation of a situation room)
How can i introduce that random data?

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I have a script which can achieve that. All these tools are publicly available in dhis2-utils repository.

However the support we can provide is very limited and these tools can’t be modified to fit the requirements of our users. In any case you are free to try them and see if they can be useful for what you need :slight_smile:


Hi Manuel

Thank you so much for your response. So, the only option I have to input data is using Phyton?

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There are many approaches.
Another one would be to create your data in a spreadsheet where columns and rows define the dataElement + COCs, org units and periods. Once the data looks good, you can import it in DHIS2 using apps like dAtaZ or Import Wizard.


Thank You i will try to use dataZ. Concerning relate these data to GIS what is the best approach?

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Well, you could start by displaying the data in DHIS2 maps and use the GIS functionality available in the tool.

If you want to use the data in a different GIS, you can download it in geojson format as explained here: