How to grab indicators from API in an efficient way?

as the title suggests I am looking for an efficient way to get indicator values, for a certain period and a certain organization unit in an efficient way, through the API.
So, as far as I understood, the analytics are run every day at midnight (at least this is what I have found in the documentation, even if I cannot see any pre-configured scheduled job for that), but, even if they don`t I can easily schedule a job of that type myself using the API, so this is no problem.
Every time the analytics are run the indicators values are updated, right?
So, I know I can grab the values of an indicator for a certain period and a certain organization unit using the analytics endpoint of the API. But, what I mean with “efficient way”, is that I would like to grab only values which have actually changed in the last run analytics process.
I could not find anywhere something which could point me in the right direction.
I tried looking into the audit endpoint, but this keeps track about changes on single data elements, instead what I would like to have is a way to get the list of indicators (where as indicator I mean [indicatorId, periodId, orgUnit]) whose value has changed as a result of the last run analytics process.
Is there exist something like this? Is there a way I can achieve that?

Thank you very much for your help,

Best Regards,